Our Projects

We use reliable web-technologies to achieve fast, easy to use and cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Our competent programmers and designers do their utmost to develop reliable applications and ever-useful components and take the whole care of clients' needs for high-quality software.

DBConvert Product Line

Includes Database migration software that perform data transfer and synchronization between MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, DB2, PostgreSQL and more. The intuitive functionality and easy-to-use graphical user interface give an excellent outlook and make data entry quick and convenient.


Customize your applications with innovative Skin Maker Software for program user interface development. Being compatible with a large range of development languages, tools, and frameworks SkinCrafter allows you to design unique styles using creative special effects that differentiate you from potential competitors.


1topix lays stress mainly on topics and discussions from forums and communities as well as recent and popular news. This project is a free tool that allows you to aggregate new and fresh information from your favorite forums on your PC comprehensively or partly, specifying only desired topics. In other words you get an opportunity to read forum posts of your preferred contacts and get hot news. Also you can share your fresh ideas, thoughts even being disconnected to Internet at the moment.


Easy-to-integrate cutting-age Visual Studio .NET components propose ideal solutions for .NET applications developers such as CharMap, CharNavigator, FontListCombo, ColorPicker, Lens. To make the controls attractive as well as functional, our graphic designers are working hand-in-hand with ourprogrammers to create high-quality, easy-to-integrate controls.


The highly skilled and experienced specialists of Graformix Design Studio can help you with all your designing needs as GUI Skin Design, Brand Identity, Icons Design, Web Design, and 3D graphics. Graformix using PHP, MySql, XHTML, JavaScript and AJAX technology provides you with professionally looking, fast loading, easy to navigate, and usable web sites.